Nathaniel H. Taylor


Nathaniel H. Taylor is a committed environmentalist who has worked in the life sciences and the performing and visual arts. After graduating from Cornell University he began informal and formal training in theater and film, never losing his love of the natural world and commitment to the preservation of species. A trip to Sikkim in 2005 led Nat to merging these passions into one film, the documentary film ‘Achulay! The Hunger Strike for the Himalaya’

Madeline Rathbun


Madeline Rathbun got her BA in May 2015 studying film at Columbia  College in New York City. She now works in Brooklyn as a freelance  researcher, photographer, editor, and animator. She’s made short  creative documentaries for The Spectator at Columbia College, Spoon  University, and Reel Grrls in Seattle. She’s edited for Wild Pictures and researched for Great Projects Film Company Inc. She recently interned with the programming and production team of POV a documentary distributor for PBS.

Dr. Adam Fish


Dr. Adam Fish, Professor of Sociology, Lancaster University, is a cultural anthropologist who uses ethnographic methods to investigate how media technology and political power interconnect. He examines digital industries—such as social media firms--that exercise their powers of persuasion and digital activists who challenge those powers—such as hacktivists.

In 2014 he co-produced the documentary ‘The Refugees of Shangri-la’ about the refugees from Bhutan as they travelled from Nepal and acculturated in America. It was screened at the US Congressional Hearing on Bhutanese Refugees and the UNHCR offices in Tokyo and Kathmandu as well as 10 film festivals. The film won two international film festival awards.